Historic Environment

There are no designated heritage assets within the Site. There are 25 heritage assets within the surrounding area including Conservation Areas, Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II Listed Buildings. None of these will be affected by the redevelopment of the Site.

At the time of the assessment (2015), there were 12 possible non-designated heritage assets within the Site identified, nine of which were associated with the former Aylesford Newsprint works. These dated from between 1922 and 1958 and had only negligible significance being industrial buildings associated with the paper making and recycling industry. None were of particular historic or architectural significance.

The KCC Senior Archaeologist called for an assessment of the significance of the newsprint buildings, both above and below ground. The Aylesford Newsprint activities were recorded in a video of the operation of the plant by Aylesford Newsprint in 1996 and this video sufficiently identified the processes and history of papermaking at the site for the archaeological records, prior to the site clearance.

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