Flood Risk

The flood risk from surface water, groundwater and artificial sources is considered to be low. There is a medium risk of fluvial flooding to the Site from the River Medway and East Malling and Ditton Stream, however, following implementation of mitigation measures, the risk is considered to be reduced to low.

There are two watercourses that affect the Site. The most significant is the River Medway which flows towards the North West immediately to the east of the Site and is tidally influenced. The second is a watercourse which flows from the south through the parcel of land on the southern side of the M20 before discharging into the River Medway. It has several names but is primarily known as ‘East Malling and Ditton Stream’.

The Environment Agency’s (EA) Flood Map indicates that sections of the site lie within Flood Zone 1 (Low probability), 2 (Medium Probability) and 3 (High Probability). However, as referenced previously, the site is served by a flood defence wall along the eastern boundary, which give a 1 in 1000 year Standard of Protection.

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