Electrical power in the area is provided by UK Power Network (UKPN).

Previously ANL was a major power generator on site, although all the generation plant has since been removed. The existing ANL Site supply is from UKPN Burham Grid Primary Substation where ANL had their own switchgear (known as Burham Grid ANL Substation 7). Power is currently fed via 2 overhead lines and one underground cable from Burham Grid ANL Substation 7 to Substation 1 on the ANL Site, providing power at 33kV. Substation 1 has 3 No 33/11kV transformers, which feed the 11kV HV Site distribution. There are also a further 3 No underground private cables, which connect from Burham Grid Substation 7 to Substation 6 (now demolished) on the ANL Site. This substation was the connection point for the gas turbine generators (now removed) and provided Site power distribution at 33kV. However, these circuits could be reused to provide power to a new high capacity Site substation if required.

Most of the internal distribution for the Site is disconnected and the 11kV and lower voltage substations have been removed with the exception of Substation 1, which supplies the power to the offices and gatehouse, and Substation 4, which also supplies the borehole pumping system. It should be noted that a number of the site distribution substations and cabling have been demolished or damaged since operations ceased, and should be considered redundant until inspected and tested.

Discussions and a Site visit with UKPN have indicated the possibility of them taking over Substation 1 and incoming 33kV services and transformers as a new Primary Substation, since we understand this may be necessary for any major new development. This possibility has not been progressed at this stage.

The ‘external’ distribution substations off site which were supplied from the ANL system have now been connected to the UKPN local distribution with the exception of one small customer who is in the process of procuring a UKPN connection.

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