Foul and Surface Water Drainage

The foul and surface water drainage is connected by Southern Water (SW).

Surface water – The Site surface water drainage from the north area of the main Site was recycled as process and water was intended to be connected to a pump station for discharge in to the river. However this was not carried out, therefore the water currently soaks away. SW drainage from the southern area of the main Site is discharged to the SW pump station.

Foul Water – The Site foul drainage is not being used except for the offices and gatehouse. The current foul drainage is limited to a connection at the northwest end of the Site, connecting to New Hythe Pumping Station, serving domestic facilities only.

SW had confirmed that there is 25 l/s capacity available at Ditton Waste Treatment Works for proposed development at the Site under the former planning application.

For further information an Addendum to the Outlined Proposed Drainage Strategy Report prepared by Pell Fischmann, dated February 2018, is available in the data room.

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