The Site comprises a total gross area of approximately 109 acres (44.11 hectares) and was occupied entirely by ANL who used the site as a paper mill until it went into administration in February 2015. The overall landholding is bisected by both a railway line to the east and the M20 motorway to the south to form four separate parcels of land.

Main Site

As per the plan highlighted, the main Site area is circa 96.07 acres (38.88 hectares). The Site is generally flat, rectangular in shape and features a number of internal private roads including Dry End Road, Perimeter Road, Mill Hall Road and the extension of Bellingham Way. This main area of the site is where the majority of the ANL buildings were located, however a demolition programme is in progress, which will ensure most buildings will be cleared to slab level by the end of 2018.

At the time of ANL’s closure, there were seven operable bore-wells, predominately located between Dry End Road and the private extension of Bellingham Way in the southern portion of the main Site. These were used for the abstraction of water for operational purposes on the Site. A plan of their locations, and information related to the abstraction licences, is provided in the data room.

A small pumping station in the south east of the main Site (as shown edged and shaded in pink on the plan) is owned freehold by Southern Water Services Limited and is therefore excluded from the main Site. There is also a redundant reservoir between Dry End Road and Bellingham Way, which is being removed and filled to ground level as part of the demolition programme.

There previously existed private sidings connected to the railway, which have now been removed.

Former Water & Effluent Plant

There is an additional circa 11.03 acres (4.46 hectares) of land between the railway and the River Medway, known as the former Water & Effluent Plant. This parcel of land abuts neighbouring industrial uses in the Mill Hall Business Estate immediately to the south and metal recycling centre to the north. The site was used by ANL as the location for their Water & Effluent Plant and once comprised of a number of large storage tanks.

Significant investment has been made into a flood wall defence system, situated along River Medway. We understand that the flood wall is owned by ANL and it is their responsibility to maintain. The flood defence wall gives a 1 in 1000 year Standard of Protection. This area of land is linked to the main site via an underpass. In addition, there is a private vehicular right of way accessing the north eastern corner of this land from New Hythe Lane.

Land to the South of the M20 & Off Site Substation

There is a further approximately 1.55 acres (0.63 hectares) of land located along the Ditton Stream to the south of the M20 motorway, and a plot of circa 0.13 acres (0.05 hectares) to the north west of the main Site, which comprises a decommissioned substation.

The Ditton Stream water course is culverted under the M20 motorway and runs, through the southern portion of the main Site before crossing under the railway line in a culvert prior to discharge into the River Medway.

There is a bridge over the M20 motorway, which we understand is owned and maintained by Highways England. There is currently no vehicular access, with the provision for pedestrian access only.

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