Rights & Easements

Due to the size of the Property and its piecemeal acquisition over a number of years, it is subject to a substantial number of easements and covenants. A number of these are for the benefit of areas of land that now form part of the Property but a number relate to adjoining areas of third party land.
Specifically, there are a number of rights and easements that relate to the passage of services in
favour of statutory undertakings, as highlighted on the plan provided in the Technical section of this website.

Of particular note, there are a number of public footpaths running along the peripheries of the Property. These include one along the eastern boundary of the former Water and Effluent Plant Site, and a second along the eastern boundary of the main site adjacent to the railway. Two other public footpaths exist along the southern side of the main Site, one of which crosses over the M20 bridge.

It should also be noted that there are 22 no. Pylons/Towers supporting overhead power lines owned by ANL outside of the Site boundary situated to the east of the River Medway. ANL retain responsibility to maintain these pylons/towers and lines but we are advised that ANL have historically used Seeboard/UKPN as the maintenance contractor. It is proposed that the ownership and maintenance liability could be transferred to UKPN and discussions have begun with UKPN to explore a transfer.

Further information and a high level overview of matters affecting the Property is available in the data room, although interested parties must rely on their own detailed due diligence.

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